Upcoming Angels Walks

Angels Walk Crenshaw


The Crenshaw Corridor, soon to be served by the Metro Expo Extension, is the commercial area of South Los Angeles. From the Expo Line on the north to historic Leimert Park on the south you will enjoy this Walk through an important part of Los Angeles’ culture and history. The Walk will take you past a grand cathedral, a modern shopping mall, a historic commercial district and into Leimert Park, where an African-American commercial and cultural center of shops and restaurants await you, crowned by a historic theater. Discover and explore this historic community.

Angels Walk Highland Park


There are many places within Los Angeles which define their own character and history. Highland Park is one such place. Originally developed as a separate city, Highland Park threw in its lot with Los Angeles in 1895, as the City of Angels continued its inevitable growth. Many immigrants to Los Angeles knew it as the last stop on historic Route 66 before they got to their final destination. A place of stately homes and small town charm, Highland Park, now serviced by the Metro Gold Line linking Los Angeles to Pasadena, is undergoing a substantial resurgence as a neighborhood of choice for many Angelenos.